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Folding kayaks share much in common with the earliest Greenlandic and Aleutian kayaks, being made of a frame covered by a flexible hull; only the materials differ. ... manuafactured on a ...

Sea Kayaks and gear, kayak rentals, trips, tours & good, solid advice for paddlers. Ask for our FREE CATALOG or VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE! Economical shipment anywhere -- North America & ...

... Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts Home >Sporting Goods >Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts >Kayaks > Klepper Folding Kayak Klepper Folding Kayak Klepper Folding Kayak Build Wood Folding Kayak Plans ...

We stock Klepper kayak parts, and have the expertise to determine exactly what you need. Check out our parts list.

Dealer specializing in Klepper, Feathercraft and Nautiraid folding kayak sales. Prices listed and contact information.

Klepper USA is the exclusive US distributor for Klepper folding kayaks. Klepper kayaks assemble in less than twenty minutes and are extremely stable and robust. A true ocean touring and ...

... details. Full Details FREE Klepper Drift Sail & Paddle until February 15, 2005 Full Details since | depuis 2002 - the little folding kayak company inc. le petit marchand de kayaks ...

... A Klepper Folding Kayak is an Eskimo style kayak that is made of a folding wood frame and a pliable skin, folds into one or two carry on bags for transportation, and has been developed ...

...conditions, a stock seventeen foot Klepper Folding Kayak .. Peter Schwierzke, owner of.....write or call: Klepper West.. Western Folding Kayak Center.. We have the largest.....who ...

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