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Welcome to the wondrous world of kayaking adventures in Clayoquot Sound. Since 1987, we have introduced lovers of the outdoors to the pleasures of sea kayaking in one of the world's most ...

Click here to go to The Aquatic Book Shop's Home Page - www.Seahorses.com E-Mail to Jim Forshey/The Aquatic Book Shop ABS@Seahorses.com Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting Videos (VHS) For Sale ...

... Professional builder of beautiful, light weight, and strong cedar strip sea kayaks and canoes ... kick up spray into your face (the kayak in the picture at the top of the ...

MORE OF THE FINISHED BOAT (THE BOAT LAUNCHED) HOME .... back to info page ...... boat building ...

...Kayaks and author of The Strip Built Sea Kayak.. Jay Babina of Jason Design (Outer.....Welcome! We Offer Cedar Strip Canoe And Boat Kayak Kits.....to The Newfound Woodworks, Inc. We ...

... Ocean Kayak built the cedar strip way Building high performance sea kayaks: An amateur's guide Over 150 color photos and CAD drawings provide instant orientation and complement to the ...

Information about building sea kayaks using the strip-built method. ... a strip-built Aleut style "baidarka" An FAQ. My book "The Stip-Built Sea Kayak ... Building Notes for ...

...Home page of 'The Strip-Built Sea Kayak - Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You.....process, some times called wood-strip or cedar-strip/epoxy, is very forgiving. A first.....about building ...

Wood kayaks - finished boats, wood kayak plans, wood kayak kits, and materials for wood kayaks ... Canoe Company - specialists in designing and building wood sea kayaks, canoes, and ...

By-The-Sea hosts web presentations for boat plans and boat kits businesses for kayaks, canoes, sailboats, power boats, rowing shells, and row boats. Resource Links By-The-Sea HOME Site ...

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